UKAS Accreditation for Billericay Lab

CET Property Assurance is delighted to announce the successful achievement of UKAS accreditation for a range of mechanical and physical soils tests carried out at our laboratory in Billericay, Essex.

The range of tests include liquid and plastic limits, plasticity index, determination of the state of desiccation in clay soils and one dimensional swell/strain testing. The time and resource that we have put aside to achieve this has been significant but well worth the investment, as this formalises the integrity of the processes that we have been carrying out for many years. We believe that this will open up new markets and new opportunities for us in this, one of our chosen specialist fields.

This is the latest in a series of planned initiatives that will allow CET to strengthen our scope of services and provide externally accredited test results to our subsidence investigation clients. We will continue to look at ways and means of improving our offering even further, in conjunction with our clients, to maintain a market leading service.

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