Trial Pit design made easy with CETi

Trial Pit design made easy with CETi

The Trial Pit app extension for CETi is set to revolutionise the way technicians generate technical drawings. Though, not a CAD system itself, the custom-built application is able to use some of the more common CAD entities, such as paths and dimensions, to automate a technical drawing of scaled site diagrams, eliminating potential errors from hand-drawn sketches or roughly taken notes.

Unlike anything we have released to date for CETi, this new feature is a major enhancement that will save users valuable time and free up both on-site and back-office resources. By eliminating the need to hand-sketch plans while on-site, there is no need to convert the sketch to a CAD drawing back in the office.

A simple set of site measurements loaded to the system by a CETi user, enables the application to create detailed visualisations of the trial pits. In addition to generating the technical drawings, the app enables users to record a range of detailed job/site-specific information and text-labels including:

  • Sample/Test site
  • Object locations and measurements: pipes, cables, foundations etc.
  • Measurements and locations: sample to a wall; depth from foundation…
  • Custom text fields for labels

Designed with simplicity in mind, the user-friendly tool is easy to navigate and integrates seamlessly into the existing CETi interface. Benefits include:

  • More efficient process
  • Faster access to final technical drawings
  • Auto-archiving of site specifications and outputs
  • Improved quality and audit control

All data stored within CETi is accessible by users via the web*. This allows a range of stakeholders to collaborate effectively from anywhere, on any device; with the ability to remotely view, review and edit project designs and action points.

*Registered users only

More about CETi®

CETi® is revolutionising the materials testing industry. An intuitive, web-based application; it provides much-needed automation and intelligence to what has traditionally been a manual process.

The app delivers alerts when results are ready and provide long-term access to archived results. Changing or adding to your schedule of a test is quick and easy. To ensure compliance, online approvals for changes can be included in the workflow.

CETi® integrates ordering, scheduling, time-sheet management, reporting and invoicing workflows to provide remote access to test results anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Place your work orders, track your technicians and receive real-time status updates on your results; direct to your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

A powerful suite of reporting and analytics tools provides rapid access to results summaries, detailed reports and trend analysis. Helping to turn information into actionable intelligence.

CETi® is fully integrated with electronic time sheets and back-office applications for seamless, error-free invoicing.

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