Testing Conditions at Dungeness

CET has a long-standing and well-earned reputation for operating in some of the most testing environments; from constrained trackside locations to working at heights or, in the case of a recent project for EDF Energy, on a shingle beach in the shadow of the Dungeness B Nuclear Power Station.

EDF Energy has been a client of CET for some time. During which, we have been commissioned to carry out ground investigation works at a number of power station sites across the UK. Recently, we were asked to deliver a complex, time-constrained site investigation at Dungeness B.

Dungeness B is situated within a site of Special Scientific Interest – an ecologically sensitive location that features a unique combination of geological and biological diversity. It also happens to be located on the largest shingle beach in Europe.

The ground investigation comprised cable percussion boreholes, rotary boreholes and pressure meter testing; the results of which were to be used to inform future foundation design. The shingle beach represents a challenging environment in which to form a borehole.

From previous experience at Dungeness, CET has developed a unique set of drilling techniques that enable us to bore and drill through the substantial thickness (up to 30m) of virtually single-sized beach gravel. Add to this the health and safety conditions of working within a nuclear power station and the ecologically sensitive environment and it was one of our more challenging commissions.

We’re proud to say that the investigations were completed successfully – on time and within budget.

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