Taking Pride in a Job Well Done

So, what is it you do?

When you start out in life, what you do tends to define you. When someone asks what you do, you may launch into a more detailed explanation than is strictly necessary. You probably don’t even realise the other person was just being polite and didn’t really want chapter and verse.

As you get older, wiser and a little more cynical, you tend to trivialise what you do, or just keep it short for the sake of expediency. At a networking event last week, I witnessed someone who I know is proud of the work they do reduce it in conversation to a simple “we dig holes”. I’m guilty of it myself, occasionally resorting to a flippant “it’s complicated” when asked what I do. When did we stop taking pride in what we do?

Of all the seven deadly sins, pride was the one that never really made sense to me. For every espousal of “pride is a sin” I’ll raise you a “you should be proud of what you’ve achieved”. Criticising someone for being proud smacks a little of jealousy, or a sense of inferiority.

To take pride in what you do is to hold yourself to a higher standard, to seek to continually improve and always do the best you can. To give your all in every endeavour. It’s one of the reasons why our company motto is Giving Our All.

At CET Infrastructure, we are proud of what we do and the people who work for us. We have worked hard to establish a reputation as one of the UKs leading providers of specialist materials testing and geotechnical services.

We aren’t looking for “rewards” as such, but it’s always nice to be recognised for the quality of the work we do. That recognition comes in the form of customer loyalty and third-party validation of our services, such as the recent extension of our UKAS accredited schedule for concrete testing.

“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done”, Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

I’ve been working for CET for 26 years now, and I’m still proud of the work we do.

Gary Corrigan, Managing Director, CET Infrastructure

CET. Digging holes and proud of it.