Same-Day Materials Test Results

CET is delighted to announce the launch of a powerful new testing tool, designed to drastically reduce the time taken to report materials test results. The availability of same-day test results is an industry-first.

CETi®, an intelligent analytics and testing database, enables easy data logging, comprehensive results analysis and rapid reporting for projects requiring materials testing. Next day, validated reports are now available and for your time-sensitive projects, results can be delivered within an hour of tests concluding. When compared to traditional paperwork and reporting procedures, CETi® has demonstrated significantly faster reporting, helping to keep construction and civil engineering projects on schedule.

Able to share crucial testing data with customers instantly and remotely via a secure client portal, CETi® also provides a complete historical database of test results for the reference of its team of technical specialists and clients. CETi® houses results for an extensive range of site and laboratory materials testing services for earthworks, asphalt and concrete operations. CET conducts all tests in line with the latest recognised British and European standards, utilising its own UKAS-accredited mobile laboratories plus permanent facilities nationwide.

Gary Corrigan, Commercial Director at CET explained: “Using the latest intuitive mobile technologies, CETi® has been custom-designed to meet every need of our field and laboratory-based testing teams, or technical analysts and, most importantly, our clients. Our latest customer survey revealed that waiting for test results is a common frustration across the industry. We have responded to this feedback through extensive research, development and now the implementation of CETi®. Customers are now able to access their test results significantly quicker and can monitor multiple sites nationwide simultaneously. CETi® is already helping to keep our clients’ projects on track and on budget, by verifying materials performance against specification requirements or identifying issues; enabling construction to get underway sooner.”

“The online system [CETi®] that you have which provides instant results is really good. I’ll be recommending CET to other companies we work with based on it allowing results to be turned around quickly.” Steve Crowe, Omnia Projects.

A further benefit of CETi® comes through reduced administration at client side, as the service also logs timesheets, samples and test records automatically for electronic sign-off. In addition to providing clients with traditional and established UKAS accrededtited test reports, CETi® can also be used to produce bespoke summary reports per test or per site, in the client’s preferred format.

CET’s scope of accreditation and UKAS accredited test reports is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here.