CET provides a comprehensive range of field testing services to the UK civil engineering industry, via our network of highly qualified engineers.

We provide a nationwide sampling and testing service; including strength testing using plate bearing and California Bearing Ratio CBR techniques, structural assessments, surveying of ground density; including traditional and non-destructive nuclear methods, paint and asbestos surveys.

Calling on years of in-depth technical knowledge and understanding, our teams take pride in consistently delivering high-quality field testing services that deliver against detailed contract specifications and standards.

On-site testing enables the certification of areas of construction, supporting continued placement and saving both time and money in the long-run.

Our field testing services enable our customers to meet and exceed their obligations, ensuring control and compliance on the most demanding of projects. We are happy to provide advice and guidance as to the most appropriate tests to ensure compliance and will recommend cost-effective, best-practice alternatives where applicable.

In Jan 2017 CET increased the scope of its on-site concrete testing services the adoption of new technologies and techniques has enabled us to carry out testing of high workability/ self-compacting testing.

Our scope now includes:

  • BS EN 12350-8 – Testing fresh concrete Part 8: Self-compacting concrete — Slump Flow test
  • BS EN 12350-9 – Testing fresh concrete Part 9: Self-compacting concrete — V Funnel test
  • BS EN 12350-10 – Testing fresh concrete Part 10: Self-compacting concrete — L Box test
  • BS EN 12350-11 – Testing fresh concrete Part 11: Self-compacting concrete — Sieve Segregation Test
  • BS EN 12350-12 – Testing fresh concrete Part 12: Self-compacting concrete — J Ring test
  • ASTM C232 – Standard Test Method For Bleeding Of Concrete
  • ASTM C1610 – Standard Test Method for Static Segregation of Self-Consolidating Concrete Using Column Technique

Glossary of field testing services available from CET*


  • Plate bearing, modulus of elasticity, multi stage plate bearing
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • In-situ NDM / compaction survey
  • Stiffness Modulus using PRIMA L100 Dynamic Plate
  • Moisture Condition Value (standard & rapid)
  • Degree of pulverisation
  • Rate of spread
  • Earthwork sampling
  • Sand replacement density
  • Core cutter density
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer


  • Sampling fresh concrete
  • Manufacture of concrete cubes, beams and cylinders
  • Workability (slump, compaction factor, flow table)
  • Air content
  • Concrete training services (sampling to manufacture)
  • Cutting core specimens


  • Asphalt laying records and temperatures
  • Nuclear Density Meter Survey
  • Surface regularity (rolling & transverse straightedge)
  • Surface texture (sand patch)
  • Surface macrotexture (glass beads)
  • Coring asphalt surfaces
  • Skid resistance (Pendulum PSV)
  • Falling Weight Deflectometer
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


  • Sampling concrete dust by drilling techniques
  • Depth of carbonation
  • Determination of concrete resistance
  • Location of reinforcement (Cover meter)
  • Half-cell potential of uncoated reinforcing steel


  • Coring of carriageway surfaces
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
  • Visual inspection of carriageway surfaces
  • Falling Weight Deflectometer
  • Heavy Weight Deflectometer
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Interpretative reporting, including residual life expectancy


*UKAS accreditation is limited to those activities described in our UKAS Schedule of Accreditation

“I’ve been dealing with CET for 15 years and I think they’re a great company. I often call just for advice, which they have always been happy to provide. As a result, we haven’t looked elsewhere for testing. Well done guys. Keep it up.”

Jim Beaton, Jackson Civil Engineering Group Ltd