Introduction of CETi® boosts cube efficiency

Since the introduction of our mobile application CETi®, our laboratory in Kent has reported a 40% increase in the volume of cubes being tested.

CETi® is an intuitive web-based application that provides much needed automation and intelligence to what has traditionally been a manual process. CETi® allows commissioners to schedule tests, monitor progress and, most importantly, it provides immediate remote access to results when they are available.

CETi® has enabled us to provide our customers with a greater service offering with improvements to speed of reporting, online access to results and efficient administration. Work flow efficiency has also benefitted greatly, increasing our capacity in terms of tests conducted and the decrease of physical paperwork means we have been able to seamlessly absorb additional volume.

We hope to see an even bigger increase in testing volumes in 2017 with the opening of our new laboratories based near Heathrow and in Doncaster. These laboratories will help us better service both new and existing customers.

CET provides a comprehensive range of field testing services across the UK. Our expertise in concrete testing includes: sampling fresh concrete, manufacturing of cubes beams and cylinders, analysis of workability and air content and the cutting of core specimens.

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