Going the distance for Macmillan

In September, the CET team pulled together up and down the country in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, joining in on the world’s biggest coffee morning and running the Robin Hood Half Marathon respectively.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

On the 28th September, CET opened its doors again to neighbours, clients and suppliers to join us for our Macmillan coffee morning and enjoy a brew and chat over a variety of freshly baked treats from the team. Always an enjoyable and fun day this year’s event didn’t disappoint, generating an excellent £480.16 for the charity. Thank you to all bakers and generous eaters for their continued support.

Robin Hood Half Marathon

Following on from the success of the coffee morning, on the 30th September various members of our IT and Finance teams ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon. For many of the team this challenge was truly stepping out of their comfort zone; with many undertaking a distance they’d never attempted before.

With this in mind there was an understandable nervousness ahead of the event from the team, but the early morning and long training hours proved their worth as the team all successfully ran the distance and smashed their sponsorship target, reaching an amazing (at the time of writing) £3,580.00 #EPIC

Donate to the cause

You can still donate to this wonderful cause through our JustGiving page:

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How did the team get on and what did they feel after the run?


Daniel Jemmerson, Financial Controller

A keen runner and previous participator in half marathons, this wasn’t a new experience for Dan. Although it still proved a challenge “It was a great event, and really well supported throughout the route. I did find it to be the hardest one I’ve done and had mixed emotions at the end.”

“The training was hard to maintain ahead of the event, but the hardest part was getting an injury two weeks before the race. I thought I might not be able to run and found myself more effected by it than I would have thought.”

Thankfully after the early miles Dan was able to run to the very end despite the injury and overcame a knee problem that struck around mile 11 to complete the race “the last mile in particular was possibly the hardest part of any run I’ve ever done; I was almost in tears and my leg kept buckling from under me.”

“As it stands, I’m not sure if I’d do anymore, I’m not sure my body likes me doing these things! Mind you, I’m sure I’ve said that before!”


Stephen Humphrey, Finance Director

A self-classified “Veteran” Stephen was completely new to distance running ahead of this experience but didn’t let it deter him during the long training runs and enjoyed the experience “It was tough, especially the hills at the start but I kept going and was really pleased to get below 2 hours 10 minutes.”

“I felt a great sense of achievement passing the finishing line; it was a special experience participating with the CET team and excellent that we raised such a substantial sum of money for Macmillan on what was also my wedding anniversary.”

“I would do it again, I didn’t think I would be saying that, although I definitely will not do a full marathon.”


Zac Jackson, Financial Accountant

Running wasn’t a new thing to Zac ahead of this challenge, although he’s previously only participated over shorter distances. “I really enjoyed the event” said Zac “the support all the way round was fantastic! Everybody from CET did extremely well should be proud of the achievement and all the money raised.”

Having caught the running bug again, Zac didn’t rule out doing it again “I would definitely do it again and I plan to keep running. As well as doing this for charity it has helped me get back into running, although I’m not planning a half marathon distance every weekend!”


Lucinda Else, Office Manager – Underground Services

A newcomer to longer distance running, Lucinda wanted to use the challenge as a way to prove to herself what she could achieve “My experience at the event was amazing and something I am so happy I achieved.” Lucinda said, “It’s made me realise that if you push yourself you can achieve anything you want to!”

“I can remember seeing that I only had one mile left and I cried as I knew that I had done it and I never thought I would or could…It still makes me emotional thinking about it.”


Hayley Lounds, Senior Credit Controller

A keen runner and previous participant of half marathons, Hayley enjoyed the challenge of the mini marathon having experienced a disrupted training schedule “The best bit was getting through it and knowing I only had 1.5 rather than 13 miles to go!” when asked if she’d run another half marathon in future “I believe in never say never…I will try and keep running short distances to stay fit and we’ll see what happens”.


Abby Mason, Drainage

“The worst part was before the start when everything was counting down” said Abby, “I loved the atmosphere, and everyone was very friendly.” “It was great finishing the race and the feeling of pride that I never gave up and finished!”.


Fran Young, Accounts Payable Assistant

Having done the half marathon distance last year, Fran was excited to be supporting the cause again this year by participating in the mini marathon “after running the full distance last year, it was great to still be involved and a fab experience to watch and support our team!”

“I’m looking forward to doing it again and can hopefully train for the full distance again next year!”.


Well done to all of this year’s runners, bakers and sponsors and to the entire CET team for raising so much in aid of a wonderful cause. These activities continued CET’s commitment to charitable causes, bringing the total amount now raised to around £15,000 through a combination of marathons, WOLF runs, cycle challenges and coffee mornings since committing support to Macmillan in 2016.


Donate to the cause

You can still donate to this wonderful cause through our JustGiving page:

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Below are a range of images from the coffee morning and half marathon: