CET Receive Road Safety Gold Standard

CET has always believed that, as a customer-service orientated company, we need to place an emphasis on Health & Safety; both in terms of protecting our workforce and in ensuring our clients have complete confidence in our operational processes.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have a full time Health & Safety Manager who reports direct to the CEO and the Board and is active throughout all areas of the business; including both workplace and work-related road safety.

Last month we engaged the services of Fleetrisk24 to undertake an external audit of our work-related road safety. A core component of the audit was a detailed assessment of health and safety associated with driving practices and policies – as measured against the standards laid down in the Health and Safety Executives guidance: HSG 65, INDG 382 Driving at Work and the following legislation:

• Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
• Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999
• Road Traffic Act 1988
• Road Safety Act 2006

We are delighted to say that not only did we pass the audit, but we did so with flying colours, having achieved a Gold Standard in Work-Related Road Safety.

About Fleetrisk24

Fleetrisk24 Ltd is an independent company, established in 2003. It specialises in all aspects of health and safety regarding the use of transport for business purposes; either on the road (Work Related Road Safety) or in the workplace (Workplace Transport Safety).