CET invests in two new Xcalibre coring rigs

It’s been a busy year for CET infrastructure. In particular, we have seen a steady increase in demand for our pavement investigation services; across the UK highways network and at some of the country’s major airports.

Road, runway and pavement investigations are just one of the key service we provide to the UK construction and civil engineering industries. Our qualitative and quantitative tests range from simple visual conditioning and surface regularity to CBR profiling using DCP techniques, falling weight deflectometer surveying and the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR).

neptune-rt42In response to this growing demand, we have invested in two new Xcalibre Neptune T1D Coring Rigs.

The self-contained coring trailers are powered by 20kW Kohler diesel engines and produce a hydraulic supply of 40l/min at up to 200bar operating pressure.

The trailers will enable us to sample cores up to 600mm (24in) and are fitted with large fuel tanks for long, uninterrupted operation.

Discover more about pavement investigation services from CET or download our materials testing brochure.